At, we know there is nothing better than riding your own bike for the fit, the feel, and the comfort.

Hmmm ... Why not rent?

Now you can rent the best bike travel cases, bike racks and GoPro cameras at affordable rates. No need to buy these expensive and rarely used bulky items, just rent them when needed.

We cater to individuals or groups who use these items occasionally. Also to individuals who don’t have the space in their home, or simply do not want to invest in these travel accessories.

We only rent the best and sturdiest hard-shell airline bicycle cases to protect your valuable bike during transport and rough handling at airports. Unlike cardboard, these bike boxes are purpose designed to withstand the handling and the environmental rigors of rain or snow as they sit outside awaiting to be loaded onto aircraft, buses, or trains. If you are going to travel, you need a solid bicycle case with wheels.

Going to the cottage, planning a getaway or going to an event and want to bring your bike(s)?

We rent the best high-tech, top-of-the-line bicycle racks that fit most vehicles. Our sturdy trunk bike racks use soft rubber mounts and coated clips preventing damage to vehicles. Finally, they are super easy to install without any modification to your vehicle, require no tools, and can securely carry up to three (3) bikes.

We personalize our services and cater to our client’s needs such as:


  1. Short Notice

  2. Weekends

  3. Late Evenings

  1. Rack Installation

  2. Delivery / Pick-Up

  3. Bike Packing / Bike Reassembly

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Airport Mishandling

Do you fit into this scenario?

  1. BulletYou want to save hundreds of dollars

  2. AVOIDYou don’t have the storage space

  3. BikeBoxRentals.caYou don’t want to store these items

  4. iweb statsYou rarely travel

  5. AVOIDYou don’t want the hassle of maintenance / repair
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Should you Buy or Rent:

There are a number of scenarios, with the general being:

  1. How often will you be realistically be using these items?

  2. Do you have the storage space?

  3. Do you want this in your home irrespective of cost or storage?

  4. There may be maintenance, such as replacement of parts, do you want to deal with this aspect?

In addition beyond the above general questions for:

Bikes Cases:

  1. If you upgrade your bike, will the new bike (example: with an integrated seat post) fit into the existing case?

Bike Racks:

  1. If you change your vehicle, will the existing bike rack work?

  2. There is no such thing as a universal bike rack. For example: each vehicle has a different bumper configuration in that some are narrow not allowing a heavy load, other vehicles have a downward slope hence not allowing any foot mount bike racks due to potential slippage when the bikes are loaded onto the bike rack.


  1. Electronics change rapidly in the marketplace. In our experience these types of cameras are used very rarely so why invest in such gear with such quick obsolescence?

  2. Additionally, there are so many costly accessories which are used just as rarely and if there is a camera change you may be stuck with accessories not working with that new camera.